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Our model on Almonds is simple - Deal with what we believe are the finest group of "GROWER PACKERS" in the world. We handle the exclusive marketing for the "SRAN FAMILY ORCHARDS" brands. We also work in very close proximity with some of the Valleys’s known grower packers like Hollands Nut company and TAP. We a give and get support from 5-6 other grower / handlers. These handlers all have one VERY important thing in common - a high % or all of the almonds come from their own farms.
This gives the operation the highest level of supply chain control. From the best farming practices, choosing the finest huller/shellers, and finally sorting almonds to put in the box, we believe these packers deliver the finest most consistent quality in Californina. When the Valley Pride AG family name is on the line (or the box) - you can rest assured quality expectations will be met!

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