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Our processing plant acquisition was made in September 2014. This is not a usual processing plant. This plant is full of specialized stand alone equipment used for cleaning almonds with a higher than normal reject level. We could be talking about Optical sorter rejects with 90% good meat, Huller “Hash” with 95% splits, or Huller “Hash” with 25% meats our facility has the equipment and knowledge to turn these product streams into grades perfectly suited to industrial use. Almond Butter, Almond Milk, Almond Flour, and Marcipan users are all fed from product – mostly “Whole and Broken” – processed at Valley Pride Processing. We pride ourselves on providing Service, Quality, and Value to both the Supply and Customer side. We are constantly striving to process in the most efficient ways possible in order to keep costs to the minimum – giving us the ability to provide industry best returns back to the huller/handler as well as maintaining a very competitive pricing structure for our customers. We proudly use LMC, Sortex, Satake-USA, and Thermo Fisher sorting machines. This is mechanical, optical, and X-ray sorting (99.9% effective on glass/metal/rock).

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