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Valley Pride Ag Company is a supply chain company and exporter of food ingredients from California. We specialize in California Almonds and support who we believe are the finest almond growers, huller/shellers, and packers in California. We don’t want to be the biggest – we want to be the best. The best service, the best information, and the best value. We want to be connected more than just transactionally to the products we sell and export. We We have expertise in the supply chain of each product all the way back to the farm and understand the demands of everchanging, everimproving, customers.

OUR SUPPLY CHAIN LOGISTICS SERVICE: It includes working in close nexus and proximity with our local growers in obtaining and enabling them to market their finished goods better along with coordinating the most cost effective and efficient logistics service that would assist our grower packers to be able to move the product throughout the North America, Mexico, Europe, Middle East and Far east. We also work in tandem with Most of the leading ship lines and freight forwarders that gives us better opportunity to be able to supply our premium quality california almonds to a very diversified and globalized customer groups.

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The Openfield Timeline


The Beginning

Start of Commodities Sourcing and Start of Farming Operation.



Formation of Valley Pride Ag Company.


Processing Plant

Purchase of Asset for VP Processing Plant.


New Processing Plant

Valley Pride Processing: Building a new Processing Plant on an Orchard in Madera. CA.


Chief Executive Officer

I was born in Punjab, India. My parents came to the Golden State made a home for our family. Shortly after arriving in the U.S., they naturally gravitated to agriculture, as they had been farmers in India. Our family has found that tilling the soil is what makes us happy and productive. Earning a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering followed by a master's degree in Business Administration, I began my career sourcing and marketing petrochemical ingredients and paints in Western India. I then spent time with Olam sourcing coffee and cocoa beans in Ivory Coast, Africa where I learned French, and later in Canada, was trained in agricultural and investment banking. I went on to help Olam set up their North American marketing operations for Cashews, Peanuts, and Pecans. Eventually, I realized that “home is where the heart is,” and for me, that is California’s San Joaquin Valley. There, James Blocker and I built the Almond sourcing and marketing business for Olam, and ultimately founded Valley Pride. My work experience and appreciation for farming have given me to perfect skill set for marketing the products from California farms to companies around the globe.


Chief Operations Officer

I was born and raised in the Valley, growing up in Clovis, California, on what was the edge of town at the time. My great grandpa came to California from Texas and started farming near Pixley. He eventually retired to Fresno, but his son (my uncle) kept the farming tradition alive and was one of the early Almond farmers in Kern County. I inherited the family passion for agriculture, and earned a degree in Agricultural Economics from CSU Fresno. After graduating, I started my career with Cargill, working out of Stockton for the Animal Nutrition division. I traded corn byproducts, animal proteins, and fats, and managed the logistics to nine feed mills throughout the Western U.S. Later, I moved back home to work for a firm focused on commodity trading/marketing in the dairy industry, this increased my knowledge of various commodities markets. My final stint in trading was with Olam, where I was part of a team that took the company’s Almond trading book up 10x. As a “son of the soil,” I love to market and trade California’s finest agricultural products in an honest, open way that benefits all the stakeholders involved.

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